Bali Web Design – PHP is a programming language server-side designed for web development. PHP programming language called PHP server side because it is processed on the server computer, in contrast to Javascript processed on a web-browser (client). PHP can be used for free and is open source. To create a web page, not the actual PHP programming language must be used. We can only create a website using only HTML only. Web generated with HTML and CSS is known as a static website, where content and web pages are fixed.

For comparison, a dynamic website which can be created using Jasa Pembuatan Website di Bali, PHP is a web site that can adjust the display content depending on the situation. Dynamic website can also save the data into the database, create a page that changes according to input from the user, forms processing, etc. To manufacture the web, PHP code is usually inserted into the HTML document. Because this feature is also known as PHP Scripting Language or programming language scripts. PHP is not only able to do so, there are many other things we can do with PHP, such as inputting data into the database, producing an image, convert the text into PDF pages, cookies and session management, and other things.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Known in the HTML hypertext as a regular text can serve others, we can make it a link that can move from one page to another simply by clicking on the text. The ability of this text, called hypertext, although its implementation will not just text that can be used as a link. Known as the language HTML Markup Language uses sign (mark), to mark portions of text. For example, text that is in between a particular sign will be thick, and if it is between other marks will look great. This sign is known also as HTML tags.

If you want to see how the actual HTML, please right click this page, and select View Page Source (in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). Bali Web Design Will perform a new page which is the HTML code of the page. HTML is the basic language of web creation. Called the base because in making the web, if you only use HTML web display tasted bland. There are many web programming language intended to manipulate HTML code, such as JavaScript and PHP. But before you learn JavaScript and PHP, HTML understanding is the earliest. HTML is not a programming language (programming language), but the markup language (markup language), this sounds a little strange, but if you have some familiarity with other programming, in HTML will not be found structures commonly found in programming languages ​​such as IF, LOOP, and variable. HTML language is only a structure whose function is to mark parts of a page.

In addition to HTML, xHTML also known which stands for eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language. xHTML an old version of HTML (before the era of HTML5 as it is today). xHTML use more stringent rules of writing. If you find an article that discusses xHTML, HTML can be equated with, because the difference is not too much.

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